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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Little Photoshop Fun…

After having Brooksie’s tae kwon do pictures done last night I decided to play around with some pictures I had taken of her. This was the result…


bug USTT

Friday, October 14, 2011

Movin’ On Up…

Another belt down… Brooksie now has her purple belt with black stripe!!  I’m SOOO proud of her and so happy she found something she loves to do!!



Water, Sand, and Sunshine…

What more do you need to make a perfect ‘summer’ day in fall??  Family of course!! 

Last weekend I needed to make a trip to pick up some ceramic supplies, so we packed up the fam and off to Orange County we went.  Great weekend to go… the studio was having a big event… lots of sales, demos, and free bbq!!   Of course while we are in the area we have a couple other stops to make… Ikea and the beach!!

Rylan has had this recent obsession with water! Every time he sees a running sprinkler or the little canal on our way to take sis to school all I hear is “water, water, water!!” Even when he goes potty he calls that water!! Since he has never seen the ocean before I was really looking forward to his excitement when he saw the BIG water!!  After we scored the perfect parking spot right next to the beach access area, the big moment I was waiting for….


This was NOT the reaction I was expecting! I think it was all just too BIG and loud!!  Brooksie on the other hand was more than excited to be at the beach!!


Maybe he just needed a little pep-talk from mom…


and some guidance from dad and sis…


It wasn’t long before he was chasing birds….


and eating seaweed…


That doesn’t taste so good… BLEH!!!


And splashing with big sis!!!


Another beautiful day in sunny California with my family!!!