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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Purple Belt…

So Brooksie has been in taekwondo for a while now and surprise she SILL loves it!!! We weren’t too sure how well a 3 year commitment in black belt club was going to go after our disaster with only 1 season of soccer (which she also begged to do)! Last week she had a test for her purple belt, her 4th belt. She did awesome!!! She was really excited to have Granddaddy, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Kathy, and cousin Jesse there to watch!! I’m so proud of how hard she works and how great she is doing!!


great kick!!


Such focus!!


Breaking a board!!


Goodbye orange belt, hello purple!!!

A Day with the Animals…

We decided to celebrate Brooksie’s 7th Birthday a little early this year at the San Diego Zoo. Granddaddy and Uncle Jesse were coming for a visit from Utah (Uncle Travis had to work so he didn’t get to come this time) Aunt Kathy and cousin Jesse were also in CA visiting from Texas! Her shock when she opened the door to find Granddaddy and Uncle Jesse standing there was priceless!! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, Brooksie had her taekwondo belt testing the next day! She was very excited to have them there to watch her test!! (that will be a post for another day) After TKD Brooksie’s buddy Jayden came home with us to go to the zoo the next day. The kids had a blast having a big sleepover in the living room! Reminds me how much I miss having family close to us.


Uncle Jesse, Jayden, Brooksie and Rylan at the San Diego Zoo

Uncle Josh, Aunt Shelia, andDSC_01161 the kids met us at the zoo too! They brought us some YUMMY Submarina sandwiches for lunch. After sandwiches and cake pops we were off to see some animals!!

Rylan really enjoying his sandwich!!

Brooksie loved the kangaroos and Jayden thought the flamingos were really cool, Rylan kissed a sheep in the petting zoo, and Jared and I saw the jaguar up close, what a gorgeous animal!! We saw lots of cool things we hadn’t seen before! Brooksie was brave and decided to ride the sky tram with Granddaddy and Uncle Jesse!! The kids had a great time and were so good!! It was a perfect day at the zoo!!


Monkey see, monkey do… Brooksie and Jayden just hangin’ around!!



Bri, Jeremy, Jayden, Brooksie, and Rylan


Dad, Mom, Rylan, and Brooksie

So I don’t overload this post with pictures more than I have here is a video of some of the animals we saw…

San Diego Zoo 2011